Tree I.V.

portable root feeders

We have nearly 20 years experience working with residential and commercial customers worldwide. Your situation is unique, but we have the solution to fit your needs and budget. Call, email, or text any questions you have.

The Golden Rules of New Tree Care:

  • Watering must be quick & easy or it won't get done
  • 5-gal will soak a small tree... why use more?
  • Water larger trees in the drip zone
  • Just a few inches of mulch does the job
  • Soak-Dry cycle is natural - Slow drip is not


Sayegrow is a family-owned and operated business since 1999. Our products are produced in the USA and are top quality and durability.



For remote trees we added a Plug and a Lid. Just plug, fill, haul, and attach for instant watering.

If you want a quote for a big job, contact us.

does your watering system imitate nature? let us help.


Choose from several popular packages with great discounts.


Gets the job done for one tree. Set the injector, attach Reservoir, and fill. Done for a week!

Tree I.V. Portable Root Feeders - Build your system Today!


Got buckets? We can show you how to build a reservoir. Recycling is good.

  • Works on all trees, shrubs, plants...
  • More durable and efficient than bags
  • Deep feed soaks root-well using less water
  • Promotes strong & sprawling root systems
  • Drains at natural perk rate of your soil


For replacing lost parts or adding to your current system.