There's always a better way, right? In 1995 we bought property and built a house. No surprise, we planted trees around it as well as an orchard of pears, apples, and pecans. The house is on a slope and the orchard is across the creek, and traditional watering with a garden hose was time consuming and wasteful. The Tree I.V. concept and features were developed and used to get them all started.

Here is how the moons all lined up: We had a proven product, a new place called the "internet" to sell direct, and some extra cash from the dot com bubble.  We started SayeGrow in 1999.

Tree I.V. is a simple product that takes the guesswork out of watering while saving time and water. We hope you give us a chance to make your experience a great one.

Tree I.V.

portable root feeders


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