Tree I.V.

portable root feeders

Watering Frequency and Root Spread: Newly planted trees should be soaked once a week. Between each soaking is a dry cycle when the feeder roots expand seeking new moisture.

Watering Hand-Planted Trees: Five gallons of water is used to soak the 5 cubic foot root-well during the first few seasons. As the root system starts exceeding the root-well drip zone watering should be considered.

Watering Spayed-in Trees: Spayed-in trees will have air gaps between the native soil and the root ball. This is the area where watering must be concentrated. Watering the "cut line" for two seasons will settle the soil and promote root development exactly where needed. Trunk watering (bags) is not advisable. 

Watering Semi-Established Trees: Once the tree has had a few seasons to outgrow the root-well, any additional watering should be moved to locations around the drip line to encourage outward root growth. This is the quickest path to self-sustaining trees.

Proper Watering Depth: The bulk of tree roots naturally grow in the top 18 inches of soil. It's advisable to discourage growth in the top few inches for less competition with the lawn and fewer surface roots as the tree matures. Surface watering and heavy mulching are not advised, as roots will grow into the mulch.


Received your system this last spring and have installed about half of the system on the new trees I purchased from the forestry department. There has been a bad drought here this summer as there has been the last three years. The only trees that have survived were the ones where this system was installed, the rest have perished to the dry heat and hot southern winds.

Brock D.


got buckets?


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"Wow, I can't ask for more than that. Thank you for your accommodation, and I hope that your business does well. I would like to one day have a business that I can do with my children, and if I do I'd like to treat people the way I would like to be treated, which is the way Sayegrow has done. Please pass this along to the rest of your folks there. Thanks again and God bless"

Mark C. Harvest AL

Frequent watering around the trunk of a larger tree promotes a small concentrated root system. BETTER IDEA: Drip zone watering encourages natural outward root development gaining wind strength and drought tolerance.

Your injectors are terrific. Given the rainfall we have had this spring I have just begun to manually fill the buckets by each of the 40 pecan trees I planted in January. The buckets with your injectors have been in place since right after planting. I am pumping water out of a pond about a half a mile away and hauling it in two large tanks on a small trailer behind my Kawasaki Mule to the pecan trees and buckets.At that point I use a 12 volt transfer pump to put water in each bucket. So far I have only lost one pecan tree, and not from a lack of water. I appreciate the information you provided regarding water quantity vs rainfall. It should help me have a better idea of my watering frequency this summer and fall. 

Best, Paul

slow and constant (drip) watering

Soil is the natural reservoir fed by occasional rainfall. Rains come, soak, and move out, then trees draw from it as needed. Slow constant drip is not natural and leads to concentrated root development with poor drought tolerance, strength, and access to nutrients.

BETTER IDEA: Tree I.V. was designed to drain at the natural percolation rate of your soil, imitating the short, soaking burst of a rain shower. When the soak is over, the drying cycle begins. This Soak-Dry cycle is very important for maximizing root development.

Drain time guidelines:

  • Sandy or Disturbed Loamy Soil - 10 minutes
  • Soil with Some Clay Content - 60 minutes
  • Heavy Clay or Tight Soil on Mature Trees - Up to 10 hours*

*May require a one-time plunging with a dowel rod (while full) to open pores in the soil

We have Do-it-yourself kits

trunk watering larger trees


Focus on Root Development

"We had a very dry last winter so our reservoirs were very low and watering was restricted to hand held hose only or drip irrigation. Your product was a big help to get the water down to the root level of my young apple trees I had planted last year. Watering twice a week with a good mulch in place provided excellent tree growth and a good crop of apples. The neighbors were all impressed."

Sid J. Victoria, BC, Canada

It might look good, but when the pile settles against the trunk, disease and insects will attack the cambium and kill your tree. We see professionals make this mistake frequently. BETTER IDEA: Just a few inches of mulch controls grass and slows evaporation.


"Got it, usin' it, lovin' it!"

Thanks.Steve W. Kansas City, MO

too much mulch

Thanks. I got the order today and it works great, the easiest watering I've ever done!

Elaine Robertson

Just wanted to let you know that I have planted over 100 trees in the last year and I never would have been able to do all the watering if it hadn't been for Tree I.V. It takes a long time to water but it would have been impossible without this kind of help. All my trees are doing well too!

Thanks so much, Julie OKC

The Tree IV is a great product ! Can you hear me shout that from Ohio? Every shrub which I planted last year with its its own bucket thrived throughout the summer, and is putting out new growth this spring. Sadly I noticed yesterday that the three shrubs I planted last spring without a bucket did not survive the winter. So more buckets please. I must have more. My shrubs and I thank you for such in ingenious idea.  

 Bonnie Werner